Binalbagan Stake 1 | Philippines

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Adopted Indefinitely

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Seattle Firesides Group

Stake Coordinator

Ritchel Mongyan

Thank You Note

The first question that came to my mind when I was called to be a Coordinator of LCF was, "Why do we need to help the Children?"

In the Binalbagan Philippine Stake of Zion, there are so many Barangays that belonged in Rural Areas, where the sources of income of the majority of the residence here are from farming and fishing - meaning they don't have a fixed, stable income due to seasonal changes. Through this charity work of LCF, many malnourished children in the stake have been reached.  By so doing this, children and their families are being blessed and their physical condition changed and they are happy.

Being one of the Coordinators of LCF in my Stake, sometimes I encounter recipients whose bodies are slow to adopt the supplements, but their moms, they never stop giving their support to their children in order to help them reach their optimal health. And they are so receptive to this program of LCF. And also, it is really helpful to visit a home of the recipient in order to know their situation or concern. And to build up a good relationships with a mother and a child to build their trust in LCF.

Our stake (Binalbagan) extend their thanks and gratitude to our Donors. May the spirit of God be with you always as you help the Malnourished Children here in the Philippines.


Binalbagan 1 Stake Coordinator