Monjaras District | Honduras

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Diana Elizabeth Landaverde

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Monjaras 2 2017 Yordan Jair Ortiz Corrales
Yordan was born on October 3, 2012. His mother, María, is a less-active member of the Church in the Monjaras Branch and comes to church occasionally. His father is Angel and his siblings are Merlin, Katherine and Yenifer. Yordan is the sweetest member of his family. They love him very much. He is even an uncle. Yordan likes to paint, watch TV, jump, and play with cars. He loves to talk and has a great attitude. This year he will start preschool. Yordan started the program on February 10, 2016. He weighed 31 pounds and was 3 feet 2 inches tall. Now he weighs 36.5 pounds and stands 3 foot 4 inches tall. The results were great as his results in all the categories turned green and his health improved. His mother takes very good care of him and he is staying healthy.
Monjaras 4 10 2016 Letter Edited
Hi. How are you? I hope all is well with those around [you]. I send this letter to thank [you] for the supplements they give us for our children. Thanks to these supplements our children grow healthy and strong. We are very grateful for [your] efforts towards our children and all the children who are recipients. We say goodbye. We hope you have a happy New Year and that all [your] projects are good. Sincerely, Janoydi
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