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Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, LLC & Anonymous

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Luz Galindo

• Nationality: Guatemalan • Language: Spanish • Past Jobs: Secretary in a dental clinic, sales assistant in a private cemetery • Time with the Foundation: 2 years and 7 months • Profession: Accountant • Current occupation: Housewife and coordinator of Quiche District • I was born on July 20, 1982, in Santa Cruz del Quiche. When I was 7 years old I went to live in Solola where we met a very special family of last name Batz. They invited us to family home evening in their house, something that we never had – we had never heard of the Church or the missionaries. But we listened to the gospel, and I was baptized at the age of 8, along with my parents. I have been a member of the Church for 25 years now. I participated in the Primary program, then the Young Women’s program, and now the Relief Society program. In June of 2011, I went on a full-time mission. I was called to serve in Peru, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. Then I was sealed in the Temple on November 29, 2014, and now I am the mother of a 1 year old baby, and I will soon have another baby. My parents are active in the Church, and I dedicate myself to being at home and taking care of my little girl. My husband and I are very happy. Church callings I have had include being a nursery teacher, a primary teacher, the Young Women’s president, a seminary teacher for three years, Gospel Doctrine teacher, a counselor in the Relief Society presidency, and I am currently a counselor for Young Women's District presidency. I love to serve in the Church, the gospel is my life. I love this wonderful work. My testimony of the Church is with all my heart that I am in the true Church and the gospel has filled my life with happiness. I know that God lives, that Jesus Christ is His Son, and that the Holy Spirit bears witness of the Father and the Son. I also know that charity is the pure love of Christ and this work of caring for the children of my District is a work of love. I am grateful for the blessing of being a part of the Liahona Children’s Foundation and to have very beautiful experiences and see that almost all my children of the District have gained a little weight, and to see the smiles of happiness of those who receive the nutrients. My heart is full of joy to be able to serve them and to also have pregnant and nursing mothers who are also very happy to receive this great help. A thousand thanks to you, Brother and Sister Pearce, for sponsoring our District. We are very grateful, and we hope that this valuable aid continues for our District since it has been a great blessing since our children are of families with very limited income.

Stake Photos

Quiche 11 2016 Mothers And Children In Quiche
Mothers and children in Quiche.
Quiche 1 17 17 Distribution And Instruction Day 1
Luz giving nutritional instruction on supplement distribution day.
Quiche 1 17 17 Distribution And Instruction Day 2
Mothers and children in Quiche.
Quiche 11 2016 Mothers Receiving Nutrtion Instruction
Mothers receiving instruction on the benefits of the nutritional supplement they administer daily to their children.
Quiche 11 2016 Luz Weighing Young Girl
Luz weighing and measuring kids in Quiche.
Quiche 11 2016 Wilson And His Cousin In His Home
Good Wilson (bottom right) is a young member of the Church in the Cunen Branch. He lost his father and mother more than a year ago, and his grandparents have been taking care of him. He was born on October 12, 2012. He lives with his 3 little cousins, and you can see that they have very little. They found out about the program by an announcement at church, and Wilson entered the program in December 2014. He has gained a little weight since then. They are very faithful members, and they have to walk more than an hour to get to church. They make a great effort. It is sad at times to see the case of children that have lost their parents, but Wilson is happy living with his grandparents and he enjoys taking his nutritional supplements that have been provided. Thank you for the great help for these children that are of families with very low income.
Quiche 11 2016 Wilson Getting Measured
Wilson getting measured by Luz.
Quiche 11 2016 Patricia And Her Mother Are Third From The Left
Patricia (pink shirt, dark pants, and white shoes) and her family are not members of the Church, but they are very participative. There are two younger sisters of Patricia in the program as well. Patricia entered the program in December of 2014. Her weight was low but she has gained a little weight since. Patricia’s mother, Maria, is very grateful to the Foundation and you, because she has been fighting to survive for the past eight months since her husband passed away and she is widowed. She has small work to support her daughters. Maria is profoundly grateful for the help given by the Foundation because the nutrients help her girls a lot, and her daughters like it. Thank you again for your generous support to this Foundation. It helps our children who need it so much.
Quiche 11 2016 Maya And Sandra Twin Girls
These two girls are twins born February 19, 2013. They are from the village of Cunen. They are not members of the Church, but we found them by a friend who’s a member of the Church. They have very little income as well. The mother works in a school making repairs to support her girls, and the father is a farmer. They entered the program when it began in April 2014, and always come to collect their nutritional supplements. They have gained a little weight, and the mother, Maria, is very grateful to the program for helping her twins. They like the supplement a lot. It is a blessing that the program is in our Quiche District, because the children who benefit are from families with very low income. Thank you for your support, and we expect to have the twins until they are five years old and gain a little more weight.
Quiche 11 2016 Ivi
Ivi is a girl of a family with scarce income. She was born on November 1, 2012. Her mother is a member of the Chama Chichicastenango Branch. Ivi’s father passed away one year ago and she has five more siblings. There is her mother also. Ivi entered the program in May of 2014. She was severely malnourished, thanks to God and the Liahona Children’s Foundation she has gained a little weight. She is always happy to receive her nutritional supplements. Her mother is very grateful for the great help that she has been given since she does not have a fixed job and needs a lot of help, and it is difficult to raise six children without a husband. It is a very sad case for the children but, thanks to the Lord, the branch president has also helped. Ivi will always go to scoop up her supplements and, according to her mother, she enjoys consuming the nutrients. A thousand thanks, Brother and Sister Pearce, for this help to this sister and her daughter. It is much needed. We expect to have Evi until she is five years old, and I feel very happy as a coordinator to help you in this service and great labor.
Quiche 11 2016 Ivi With Her Mother And Sister And Luz
Ivi with her mother, sister, and Luz.
Quiche 11 2016 Infant Christofer
Cristofer was born January 29, 2016. His parents are members of the Church and belong to the Santa Cruz del Quiche Branch. Cristofer has been in the program for 10 months and he really needed help from the program with nutritional supplementation because his family is of very low income. He has an older brother as well in the program as well. His mother, Virginia, is very grateful having, in total, four children and they are all small. This child was low in weight and has already gained a little more. It is a blessing that this program is here in Quiche. Thank you Brother and Sister Pearce for the valuable help that you specifically offer to these little angels of God!
Quiche 11 2016 Denis On His New Bed
Denis is the small child on the little bed above. He was born on July 18, 2013. He is now 3 years and 4 months old. His family are members of the Cunen Branch. Denis entered the program in June of 2015, following the announcement in their chapel of the program. They have very little income. Denis has gained a little weight since entering the program. Denis is happy always attending church with his family. They are very poor, but they are very grateful. Denis likes to take his nutrtional supplements, and he has recovered a bit. His mother is expecting a baby, and the Foundation will be a blessing to her as well. Thank you Brother and Sister Pearce for the great help for this family.
Quiche 11 2016 Candelaria And Her Mother At Distrubution Day
Candelaria was born on May 10, 2012. She belongs to the Cunen Branch. Candelaria entered the program in April 2014, and has been with us from the beginning. She entered with low weight, but now she has gained a little weight. We found Candelaria through a member of the Church that invited her to come to the screening day. They are not members of the Church, but they are very grateful. They have to walk a long way to arrive and collect the nutritional supplement, but they always come. The mother feels very hapy and thankful for the program because her daughter has increased a little in weight. When she reaches five years old she will complete the program, but they are very grateful to you with good hearts that have helped quite a lot.

Stake Information


In the Quiché District there are five branches, all of which are participating in the nutrition program. One of these branches has a village, the village of Paquinac, that is an hour and a half from the chapel, and you have to walk there because there is no transportation. The branch president takes the supplements to the recipients in Paquinac every Sunday, or if they are able to make it to church, they pick it up. For supplement distribution, the local coordinator gives each recipient 2-3 lbs. of supplements every other month, and the other month they receive 1 lb. Many times, these villages will just send one person to get the supplements from Quiché and carry the supplements back to the villages, such as Chiniqué or Cunen. The district president and branch presidents are very supportive and thankful for the nutrition program, and Sister Luz, the local LCF Coordinator, also expresses her gratitude.

Thank You Note

Dear Donors,

I hereby express my appreciation for the program of assistance to children who present some
degree of malnutrition in the places covered by this District. I want to tell you that it has helped a
lot of member families and non-members of the Church. The places where it has been helping are
in the cities of Chichicastgenango, Joyabaj, Chinique, and Santa Cruz del Quiche. Thanks to this
program several children have come out of the degree of malnutrition in which they were and the
parents have expressed great gratitude for such help. For my part I am very grateful to LCF for
having considered the Quiche District to establish this program, and I urge you to continue with
such praiseworthy work, since there are many children in this place who need this help.
Luis Alberto Noriega Cuellar
Quiche District President

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Additional Information

The first screenings for malnutrition in the Santa Cruz del Quiche District were held in April of 2014. Quiche was the 11th nutrition program the Liahona Children’s Foundation opened in Guatemala. There are many children in need in the district, and the program averages about 60 children who are in a state of malnutrition and are receiving nutritional supplementation.