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Apr, 2017
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Oum Leakhena

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Sen Sok Woman On The Street 9 2014
Woman walking down a street in Sen Sok.
Sen Sok Home 9 2014
A typical home in Sen Sok.
Sen Sok Girl 9 2014
Young child outside their home in Sen Sok.
Sen Sok Mother And Child 7 5 2015
Mother and child at screening.
Sen Sok Family Waiting 7 5 2015
Family waiting outside during screening.
Sen Sok Mother And Child Inside 7 5 2015
Mother and child in line for screening.
Sen Sok 7 2015 Edited
At 12 months she was 11 lbs and 25 1/4 inches - the average weight of a 2 month old and the average length of a 5 month old.
Sen Sok 1 2018

Thank You Note

Dear Adopters,

Sen Sok was the first area where we set up a nutrition program for the Liahona Children’s Foundation in Cambodia. Not only is Sen Sok still one of the greatest areas in need in Cambodia, but it is also one of the greatest areas in need in all of our operations throughout the world.

Sen Sok is located just northwest of Phnom Penh. It is a newer village that was created after a fire in Phnom Penh about ten years ago. The government relocated the residents from the area of where the fire happened and put them in the area now called Sen Sok. There are very few economic opportunities or resources for families in Sen Sok, creating a severe case of poverty for the residents there.

In the summer of 2012, during the initial exploratory screenings in Cambodia to screen for malnourished children, we screened well over 100 children in Sen Sok alone and found that at least 80% of them suffered from severe malnourishment and were below the 3rd percentile for their age on the World Health Organization growth charts. Our program in Sen Sok was quickly filled to capacity, and we have since added more children to the program. We currently have 118 children on the program in Sen Sok, and the nutritional supplement we use in Cambodia is a powder formula mix that the mothers just add water to which the kids drink daily.

Thank you for choosing to adopt Sen Sok!

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